with Amy! I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already! This is my first ever meme, so forgive me if I forget something! (And feel free to mention it in the comments) But first, let me explain what a meme is. A meme Β is like a list, or a special blog post that’s not always related to the main topic of your blog. One blog hosts the meme, and usually a meme is special to one day of the week. Also, many people participate. Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke And The Bookish, is specifically about the top ten things you would choose for a particular topic. There’s a different topic every time. This week’s topic is…
Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With

These are the top ten characters you fell in love with, and simply have to visit again, or else you might die. And no, I’m not being over dramatic. Without further ado, let’s kick it off with…


Ivan from The One and Only Ivan- I loved this book to death! It was so sweet and touching. I realize he had a happy ending, but I would just want to check up on him and make sure that he was fitting in with his new family. Also, I want to check on Ruby and Bob!


Dashiell Gibson from Space Case- This was such a cute little story! Okay, okay, it wasn’t THAT cute. After all, it was a murder mystery. I always like reading this author’s books because they are mysteries, and I like it when the main character is smarter than me! I have never solved the mystery before one of his characters. Anyway, (spoiler alert!) I want to check in and see how Dashiell is coping with the aliens, etc.


Stargirl from Stargirl and Love, Stargirl- These books, and, more specifically, this girl, fascinated me. If you haven’t read them, well, YOU MUST! Stargirl is almost inhuman. She has such a pure soul. Almost every time she opens her mouth, her words are filled with love and compassion for everyone. In the second book, she makes her life sound so simple, where in the first book Leo sketches a picture of this layered personality, and how Stargirl does all these nice things for everyone, when she can’t have known they were suffering. I find it totally ironic how opposite his way of thinking was from hers! The simplicity of it all made me want to soak up her, well, wonderfulness! I want to check in on her as an adult. What, if anything, ever happened between her and Leo? And how is she faring? There are so many tainted hearts in this world. I can only hope they didn’t affect her pure one.


Lucy, Joe, Max, and Cami, all the main characters from The Angel Tree- First and foremost,Β  sorry for such a blurry picture! It was the best I could find. All these characters were so special in their own ways. I don’t have a specific reason to check in with them; they all just became dear and I miss characters like these!


Max-Ernest, Cass, and of course the magician, from the secret series- this author claims he will not write any more books. So all I want is to finish the series!

Technically, that’s twelve. Guess I better stop! πŸ™‚ Until next time!

6 thoughts on “It’s…

  1. I am SO glad you chose the Secret series because I used to read these books as a kid and I loved them to death!! I literally took a trip down the memory lane when I saw the picture. I miss reading those books so much!! I miss Max- Ernest, Yo- Yoji and Cass and their adventures!! πŸ™‚

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    1. I know, right? It was my favorite series… until, if course, it ended. I did find out that his new book, Bad Magic, is about Max-Ernest’s little brother, but there wasn’t much about the original main characters. Glad I’m not the only one who enjoyed these!

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      1. I really don’t have any idea. I think Bad Magic is a series but I really want to read about Cass. That ending for You Have To Stop This made me end up like HOW ON EARTH AM I STILL ALIVE!? I literally re read the last chapter 3 times after 10 minutes of finishing the book. πŸ˜› All I know about the author is that his name is Raphael Simon, and the fact that he likes cheese and chocolate. Oh, and also that he has a twisted brain which thinks he should stop writing about Cass. Just kidding, he has an AMAZING brain. I just miss his stories!!!

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        1. Hehe! I was totally confused. I was like, what? I completely didn’t process it. I kept thinking, am I missing something? Is this a mistake? I love the author’s pseudonym, but as a result, there’s pretty much nothing I can say for sure about him! (Aside from the cheese and chocolate thing) Cass! We miss you!

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