Hey all you amazing people, come think rereads with me!

And yes, that means you. Because you ARE amazing!

And yes, Bhramori, I made that one! Β (Oh yeah, guys, this is Amy! Little late on that one.)

Anyway, I wasted a bunch of time on that picture, so let’s get a-talking. So, you may be wondering why I mentioned rereads. And hot cocoa. Oh, did I not say the hot cocoa? Well, there’s that too! Basically, I’ve been off and on a reading slump. Occasionally, I get excited about a book and power through it, but then I can’t get into anything else and ignore my stack until I have to take them back. Sooo… You know me, I’m a problem solver! And what do we get?

Sing it to the tune of “Elmo’s World!” That’s it! Ahem. I think I left my dignity in the other room….

The General Idea:

  • I will reread favorite books all week (and possibly beyond that)
  • There will be hot cocoa
  • Throne of Glass will be involved
  • Wait, go back to the hot cocoa!
  • There willΒ be hot cocoa; every day I will post a recipe for some kind of yummy sweet treat to eat while enjoying those fuzzy warm rereads!
  • This starts Saturday, November 7th, and does not have a definite end date yet!
  • You are absolutelyΒ welcome to join in with the treats when you can!

If any of you have ideas for treats, I’m most certainly open to options! πŸ™‚ I have a few in mind, so we shall see…

I had best be going soon, but I am reading The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas! It is good so far; I’m sure I will have more to tell later on in the week.

Have you read The Assassin’s Blade? Are you planning to? What are you reading? Are you going to join me in rereading old favorites? Eating yummy treats? Do you have any treat/book ideas for me? Do you just want to say hello? Don’t be shy! Press reply! That should be my campaign slogan…

Alright guys, goodnight (or day or morning or whatever) and happy reading!


I know Ive used this one before, but its JUST SO DARN CUTE



86 thoughts on “Hey all you amazing people, come think rereads with me!

  1. I’ve actually been rereading some of my favorite books this week! I read Fire by Kirsten Cashore, and I’m currently reading The Scorpio Races (and loving it of course).
    I loved The Assassin’s Blade, though it kinda destroyed my soul with the ending.

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