Life is always
In progress
Never done
Never truly finished
Always something more to do
Waiting for something to happen
Never done
My work is ongoing
And I will never reach the end
I am buried in all this never ending work
It only grows
It will cover me up
Until I no longer see the light of truth
And I will be buried in my own sweat
My own tears
My own blood
Buried by my own hand

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When life gets too difficult
I retreat inside myself
For that sweet mental escape
But it never comes
The demons from outside are inside my head
I let them come
I cannot make them leave
I am powerless
I cannot overcome this
My demons exist inside and out
And I just
Let go of them
We have been friends for too long

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Hey guys! These are just a couple of poems I wrote. I just wrote one of these a couple of minutes ago, and I wrote the other about a week ago. I really love writing poetry, and I definitely don’t do it often enough. It always seems to be unhappy and dark though, haha! Anyhoo, I’ve been feeling super swamped with school and a couple of book release dates (I missed all three, it was the seventh), and I ran out of scheduled posts. I may be going into a bit of a reading/blogging slump, so I’m going back to basics! I will probably disappear for a few days on here (I’m going on a church trip this weekend and I’m super excited but I leave right after school tomorrow), but after I get back and my MAIN deadline for school (tomorrow) is done with, I think I will relax quite a bit. I just need to read something that really gets me excited, take some pretty bookstagram pictures (I’m participating in #COYERphoto, hint hint check out my Instagram in the sidebar!), bake, drink tea, play the piano (I haven’t in a while, I guess I’m just itching to haha), rearrange my bookshelves, and write poetry. Wow, that’s a long list. I just need to relax and do the things I really love. I’ve just had a couple “what am I doing with my life what is the point of everything I hate it all” moments in the past couple of days, and I need to remind myself.

Okay, that was a long paragraph! Long story short, I hope you enjoyed my little bit of poetry and I hope to see you all soon with another blog post! If any of you have any other tips for not falling into this trap of a reading/blogging slump, do let me know down in the comments! 🙂

P.S. This is my 200th post! Woot woot! How cool is that?!?

Lots of Love, Amy ❤

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When I sit down to write a poem
I think it might be happy
But then my inner demons take over
And I write about pain
I may seem happy
But do not believe that
For inside I have a million scars
Just because mine don’t show
Doesn’t mean they aren’t there

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