Books are smothering me to death

Hello again! Amy here! Since you all received my last, er, catch-up Recently Finished Friday so well, I decided to do another one for this week! In case you missed the last post (cough cough), I’ll give you a quick run-down. I have tons of books that I haven’t had the chance to review on the blog (I’m reading faster than I can review!), so I’m doing the shortest of reviews here in consecutive order, because some of these books really deserve the attention! If you want to see the full total of books that I’ve read/want to read, look at my 2016 challenges page! I keep Goodreads updated the best, so be sure to friend me on there as well. Let’s get started! Continue reading

There’s Absolutely No Way I Can Keep Up With All Of These Books

Hey there! Amy Lou is BACK! So… I’m completely aware that my last post was over a week ago, and although I find this completely disappointing (for me, that is), I’ve realized that at this point in the year, it’s simply not possible for me to post all the time (or even regularly), because I’m just too busy! Therefore, I’m just going to do my best to schedule posts whenever I get a big chunk of time (which I do occasionally), and stop apologizing ALL THE TIME (although you know I’ll still be sorry), because it takes SO MUCH TIME and I feel like I annoy/bore you all with it. Ahem. Moving to the actual post now.

Can't Keep Up With Books Continue reading

Pretty, AKA Pretty Little Crooked Liars

Recently Finished Friday

Hello again! Miss Amy is back for a Recently Finished Friday! Woohoo! I’m finally on track!!! Okay, too many exclamation points. Tone it down, girl. The books I still have yet to talk about are A World Away, Library of Souls, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Immortal, The Raven Boys, and my three absolute latest reads, to be talked about today! (I did a double review on Just One Wish and Sea of Shadows yesterday. *is proud of self*) Continue reading

I disappeared! What a magician.

Or not. In any case, it happened. Guys, it’s Amy here, and I need to pull myself together! I have this problem where I WANT and FULLY INTEND to make a post, but can’t seem to get up the courage/energy to start typing it. And I have no problem writing one, either! It’s just starting that’s a problem. Why? WHO KNOWS! But it’s driving me nuts. And seriously powering the guilt factory. So… What am I going to do about it? Weeeeeell… Continue reading

Recently Finished Fri- Saturday.

Hey everyone! It’s Amy. I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t get around to posting an RFF! But hey, I have a perfectly good reason- I WAS READING!!! I got two books finished. TWO!!! XD HowEVER, this also means two more books that I’m behind on telling you guys about. Wow, I read too fast! 😉 I have actually read 8 so far this year, which is 8 to rant about because I haven’t done any bookish rants/informatives since Tiny Pretty Things at the very tail end of 2015! Obviously, ranting about 8 different books in one post is a bit of a stretch. So how is this going to work, you ask? Actually, four of the eight are truly full-post worthy, so I’m going to share the entire list with you today, but only tell you about the other four. (My post for Winter is already started- hopefully that will be posted Monday!) Here goes! Continue reading

Some leftover Black Friday excitement for ya!

**Just a little note before we get started… As I mentioned in my last post, I began a Recently Finished Friday on Black Friday. This is that post! Although I didn’t get it posted yesterday, I hope you guys still enjoy some leftover Black Friday silliness! Nearly everything in this post is from two weeks ago; I will just have a little note at the end. Here goes!

Oh (that O does not want to bold! Geez, WordPress!) ho ho ho Happy Black Friday and all that jazz. XD It is semi-late for me, too late to start a post, but whatever. If this post is published on November 28, that’s probably why. Pretend it’s not. Just go with it. Anyway. Here goes. You all remember Nikki’s super genius awesome idea, right? (Yes, that makes this Amy.) Recently Finished Friday, eh? Weeeeeeeell I’m kinda hoping you all remember my post from yesterday that was an early/late Recently Finished Friday too…? You still with me? (If you’re new here, please don’t click that red X. I’m really cute and sweet. Honest! 😌) Continue reading

I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good!

SO EVERYBODY! COME JOIN ME!!! (Warning: much capitalization, bolding, italization, freaking out, and just generally squealiness is bound to happen here.) It has been almost three weeks (yes that was an admission of neglecting… *shame*) since anybody mentioned or did Recently Finished Friday!!! (For any new readers, or just plain anyone who missed it, Recently Finished Friday is the latest feature here at Every Book You Need To Read and More!) Why am I still bolding everything? *shrug* By the way, I am aware that it isn’t Friday. I kept thinking Friday was Thursday, and I was very busy Saturday. Sunday this post got started. Now it is Thursday again, and therefore this post is both late and early! I think? Either way, I have to wish you all a…

So…. Let’s move on. TO THE RULES!!!!!

  1. What’s the title and author of your book? Cover image optional, but preferred. Please include a link to the Goodreads synopsis if you can.
  2. How long ago did you finish your book? (So we can see how fresh your feels are.) If you can’t remember, that’s okay.
  3. On a scale of one to ten, what would you rate your book?
  4. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about your book? If you loved everything about your book, just say so.

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