Just a tad bit of poetry…

Life is always
In progress
Never done
Never truly finished
Always something more to do
Waiting for something to happen
Never done
My work is ongoing
And I will never reach the end
I am buried in all this never ending work
It only grows
It will cover me up
Until I no longer see the light of truth
And I will be buried in my own sweat
My own tears
My own blood
Buried by my own hand

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Thoughts on a Whim… June! November? Er, February.

Thoughts on a Whim

Hey everyone! Amy here. 😀 Yes, I know the title says June. And yes, I know it’s not. But I did miss June’s TOAW (gasp! The horror!) so I’m keeping this (now very old) draft with all of its’ beautiful pictures and so-so poems. As for the flowers, the one that appears more than once is a bush in our backyard, and the rest are from a butterfly place we stopped at during vacation. Continue reading

Thoughts on a Whim… Spring!

Hey, guys! Ahhh! I’m so excited for this post! In case you haven’t seen Amy’s post, these posts are the first in our Thoughts on a Whim series. I know you’re probably thinking, “Nikki, what is this whimsical nonsense you speak of?” Well, hold your tomatoes, er horses, because I’m gonna’ tell ya’ in a long, lengthy explanation. You’re welcome. So basically, we’re going to try to do these posts about once a month, and they’ll be filled with all sorts of fun stuff we don’t usually do that may or may not be related to books. This one just so happens to be all about Spring! Even I was late (as usual), and it’s practically Summer, I still wanted to hurry up and do this! And since this post is hysterically long, and it is now June, I “May” (See what I did there?) as my posts for May and June because they take me so long! But I guess only time can tell… Anyway… For instance, I have a few poems, pictures, drawings, and short stories in store. *insert adoring crowd saying ooo, ahh* Sound cool? Amy and I thought so, and we hope you will, too! Let’s get started! Continue reading

Thoughts on a Whim… Spring!


Hello there! Amy here. To be perfectly honest, we’ve had these mostly done for a long while. After much consideration, we eventually decided to do separate posts! And hopefully you can all expect this type of post from both of us each month. Nikki and I just wanted to share our excitement for spring! It has inspired us to write these posts. Yes, this post isn’t about books. (Shhh! Don’t tell!) But hey, if spring makes you happy to the point that you think you’ll burst from all the excitement, you should share, right? 😉 The flowers are from my backyard. My mother and I worked with them for 3 1/2 hours of backbreaking work, so I hope you enjoy! 🙂 What are some of your springtime inspirations? Continue reading