Revealing an absolutely gorgeous cover and other fun things!

Hey guys, it’s Amy! A little while ago, I was approached by someone asking if I would do a cover reveal. And I saw the cover. And it was gorgeous. So… I said yes.


I’m really not that complicated. I see shiny things? I say YES TO THE DRESS. I MEAN COVER. Same thing, right?

Alright, so I’m going to reveal this cover (obviously) but I need a good build-up. Yes, really. And I need your help, because I’m Sesame Street reincarnated. I NEED A DRUMROLL. Continue reading


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Hello everyone! Amy here! Of course you all know that this is a book blog, so we talk about books. A lot. Which means we read. A lot. Buuuuut let’s be realistic, shall we? I LOVE Netflix. I don’t have cable, and Netflix is a LIFESAVER. Although sometimes I just watch a show over two months, often I’ll binge-watch all of the seasons on Netflix in a few days and then not watch for a month. And repeat. It’s called… The life of a serious binge-watcher. XD So we thought we would give you guys some recommendations! Of course, Nikki has shows that she loves as well (some the same, some different), so we’re hoping to do this occasionally, and switch things up a bit. 🙂 For today, I’m just going to do TV shows, not even starting with Disney or movies! (They’re not in any specific order, either- I couldn’t possibly decide!) Continue reading

I’m a certified bumbling buffoon when it comes to books.

Oh gosh, oh gosh. Where to begin? Well, if Amy can write a post inspired by Carry On, then I’m guessing it’d be within the limits of reasonability for me (Nikki) to write a post inspired by the feeling books, just books in general, give me. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I’m fairly confident of the fact that I use this phrase fairly often, but let me paint you folks a picture, a nice mental picture. I’m trying to hurry, frantically typing as fast as I can, trying not to forget anything, trying to capture the moment. I was just lying on my couch in the middle of a summer’s afternoon, feeling slightly guilty, but also very content to spend the day enthralled within the pages of a book. Or, more specifically, Heir of Fire, the latest edition of a favorite series I was rereading. Oh shoot, don’t forget, Nikki! Keep typing, you bumbling idiot! Suddenly, my thoughts left the current page and drifted to memories of the previous day… Amy and I had spent hours poring over Epic Reads and several book blogs, all the while placing holds on books via my library catalogue. (In case you were wondering, the total is around 80-something.) I thought about many of the glorious titles that I could not wait to read or reread. One in particular stood out to me: Vicious by V.E. Schwab, one of my favorite books of all time that I had nearly forgotten. And then I thought about why I loved that book, along with the many others I held near and dear to my heart, only to realize that I cared for them so because there was nothing else like them. You all know exactly what I’m talking about and that I am epicly failing to adequately describe it. I love books because of the way they make me feel. FFFFEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLSSSSS. Nothing makes me (us) experience such a variety of strong emotions that way books do: the fond, tender love we feel for some characters, the rich, passionate hatred we feel for others, the horrifying, gut-wrenching suspense we feel when we finish the latest book in a series (Those gosh-darn cliff-hangers, man!), the very real and personal loss we feel when one of our new best friends dies, etc., etc., etc. There are few things in the world that I love more than losing myself completely to the plot of an amazing book, and that is why I started blogging; why we ALL started blogging. We want to make other people feel the way we do. We want to share not just the joy of reading, but the full emotional spectrum that is tied to it. And that is why, I, Nikki, am back! (Wow, I sound so dramatic; bear with me!) I’m back because I rediscovered my love for reading yesterday with my best friend in the entire world and her laptop’s help, and I want to help other people do the same, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to do it. (Again with the dramatic, but you know you love me!) I need to stop being so freaking lazy and be more like Amy. So what if my laptop’s broken? Amy wrote posts on her iPod for ages! Ok, now I’m getting off track and am running out of steam… that may be due to the fact that my foot has never been more asleep than it is right now. I’m willing to bet more than anything that this post is completely terrible due to being written in such a hurry, and I promise to write you guys a make-up. And I will, because I’M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Most Important Thing For All Of You Authors To Read

Hey guys! It’s Amy, and I just want to inform you all that I’ve put up a review policy! The button is now in the top menu, or you can see it somewhere in this area. I know that I’ve been asked about a policy in the past, so I hope this helps! Good luck!

Review Policy

In which I do something stupid. Again.

Helloooooo! So (evidently) I have done something stupid. Again. Let’s have a look-see, shall we?

A few days ago, I took a look at my gorgeous bookshelf and realized that it was kind of hidden. It was placed at the foot of my bed, where it was difficult for me to access and the lighting is ALWAYS bad, so I could never see what I was looking at. So, smart little tired, barefoot me, decides to move a heavy piece of furniture by myself at night.

7 reasons not to move heavy furniture by yourself at night when you are tired and barefoot. AKA why Amy is stupid.

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Looking for a book similar to the one that got you into that slump?

For #boutofbooks Day 4, the topic is “If you like this, try this!” I was actually thinking about doing this for quite a while, after seeing Epic Reads‘ countless “Like, Try, Why’s”. However, this is the perfect opportunity! As you can see, I have Storm Siren and (a library copy of) Glass Sword in the picture. First of all, I want to say that I have NOT actually read Glass Sword yet. However, I don’t have a copy of Red Queen, and the comparison was too perfect to pass up. The comparison goes both ways. Basically, in both stories the main character (a girl, basically or literally a slave with not many options) has a power that SHOULD NOT exist, and is discovered. Of course, they then become pawns in the major war happening conveniently nearby, and are betrayed by many friends and have multiple love interests. Okay, for those of you who don’t know, I’m NOT just describing Red Queen. This is a real life book. A real life story. Both are original and SO AMAZING that you should all read both and be as dumbfounded as I was by the plot twists!
I haven’t really made any progress with Shiver… I was just counting my days and realizing I have three days to read five books. 😦 Yikes! Wish me luck; TOODLES!

Do you ever have those books that you want to just read OVER and OVER and OVER???

Hello! I hope you’re all enjoying this bout of books read-a-thon, whether you’re participating or merely looking in from the sidelines! We are now up to Day 3 (already!), and I’m so excited! Today’s topic is 5 favorites of some sort. So I picked…

5 Favorites to Reread AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! Continue reading