Collective Reading Challenges

Hey guys, it’s Amy! As you may know, my main challenge for 2017 is Around the World in 52 Books. 2016 was simply too hectic, with so many different reading challenges. For this year, I simply want to tone it down a bit (yes, I wrote this before I signed up for a gazillion challenges). Therefore, ATWIFTB (oh boy) is the main challenge one. As in, challenges for specific types of books, genres, etc. But I really like seeing my progress with things like how many library books I’ve read, etc., so I still want to do those again! (And also, I saw somebody create a bingo challenge. And I broke. I just have to do it.) Confused? So am I. Hopefully it will clear up for you as I go!

Mount TBR Reading Challenge (Goal 12 books; Pike’s Peak):

  1. Highly Illogical Behavior
  2. After the End
  3. Talker 25


Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge (Goal 12):

Jan- Hidden Deep


March- FAIL

April- From a Distant Star OR Far From You OR The Girl From the Well OR Three Dark Crowns

May- All We Have is Now OR Fury OR Siren’s Fury OR 738 Days OR 99 Days

June- A World Without You OR Things We Know By Heart OR All We Have is Now OR We’ll Always Have Summer

July- Before My Eyes OR In Real Life OR The Half Life of Molly Pierce OR Dream a Little Dream

Aug- Infinite in Between OR Big Girl Small

Sept- Rebel of the Sands OR How to Keep a Boy From Kissing You OR Between OR Never Ever

Oct- A Thousand Pieces of You OR What You Left Behind OR Ashes to Ashes OR The Dead House OR Dollhouse OR Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Nov- The Mystery of Hollow Places OR Change Places With Me OR My Heart and Other Black Holes OR Assassin’s Heart OR Queen of Hearts OR Pieces of Why

Dec- The Forgetting OR This Song Will Save Your Life OR There Will Be Lies


Read One Million Pages (Goal 1 Million… Obviously):

According to Goodreads, these are my page counts for past years:

2013- 184 pages

2014- 1737 pages

2015- 56839 pages

2016- 44978 pages

2017- 9811 pages

Total: 113,549 pages so far


Book Bingo (Goal One Bingo):

The Cover is Your Favorite Color (purple)- Empress of a Thousand Skies

A Banned Book- Speak

The Last Book in a Series or Trilogy-

A Book That Was Translated to English-

A Debut Novel- You’re Welcome, Universe

2017 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge Sign Ups

Monthly Motif (Goal 12 Months):

Jan: Diversify your reading- If I Was Your Girl

Feb: Undercover Thriller- FAIL

March: Time Traveler- FAIL

April: Award Winners- Bone Gap

May: Book to Movie or Audio- A Thousand Pieces of You

June: Destination Unknown- Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes

July: Believe the Unbelievable- Ash and Bramble

Aug: Seasons, Elements, and Weather- The Demon King (?)

Sept: Creepy, Chilling, and Frightful- The Naturals

Oct: Games, Challenges, and Contests- The Assassin Game

Nov: Last Chance-

Dec: Picking Favorites-

Pages Read (Goal 48,000; Apple Tree):

According to my Read One Million Pages Challenge, I should read around 50,000-ish pages each year. Hopefully this is achievable! 🙂

A Non-Fiction Adventure (Goal 10 this year out of 50- click the name to see my list):


Reading Assignment Challenge (Goal Level 1- 12 books total, 1 per month):

Jan- Sinful Cinderella: READ

Feb- I Was the Artist: FAIL

March- The Glimpse: FAIL

April- Bright Smoke, Cold Fire

May- As I Descended

June- The Lit Report

July- Open Road Summer

Aug- Epic Fail

Sept- Ash

Oct- Stormdancer

Nov- Every Last Word

Dec- Shiver


Beat the Backlist Challenge (Goal 20+ books; this may change throughout the year)- see here or under Reading Challenges on the top menu for my Harry Potter scavenger hunt progress!

And finally, since I completely failed at cutting down on the challenges, a very fitting challenge to sum them all up:

Reading Challenge Addict

Reading Challenge Addict (Goal On the Roof; 6-10 challenges):

  1. Around the World in 52 Books
  2. Mount TBR
  3. Monthly Keyword
  4. Read One Million Pages
  5. Book Bingo
  6. Monthly Motif
  7. Pages Read
  8. A Non-Fiction Adventure
  9. Reading Assignment
  10. Beat the Backlist