The Fall-time Cozy-time Tag

Hey guys! I love doing tags, but I'm absolutely terrible at actually doing and keeping up with them. Alas, I went through my drafts, and I found the Fall-time Cozy-time book tag! It looks like fun, and I'm glad to be finally doing it. 🙂 Thanks so much to Analee @ Book Snacks for tagging … Continue reading The Fall-time Cozy-time Tag

Happiness, Love, Emotion, Rereads, and Recipes!

Hey guys! Amy again. 🙂 Happiness, love, emotion, rereads, and recipes are all on the agenda today, believe it or not! I'll go in order to make it all simpler! *rubs hands together* Here goes! Yay!!! I just had a super fantastic day. I was able to spend some time at MULTIPLE libraries! I first … Continue reading Happiness, Love, Emotion, Rereads, and Recipes!